10k Yellow Gold Masonic Blue Lodge Ring.

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Manufactured to order in the U.S.A.
12×10 Created Blue Spinel Masonic Stone
10k Yellow Gold with nugget high polish finish

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Since 1937, these Masonic Rings have been skillfully handcrafted to the highest quality standards. Specialized craftsmen work collectively to create each jewelry piece featured on-line. Careful attention is paid to styling each detail in order to faithfully recreate the Masonic Emblems and honor the esteemed accomplishments that they symbolize. This masonic jewelry starts with creation of a intricate mold, cast in 10k plumb gold. Once the ring is cast and assembled, our team of experienced craftsmen begin the meticulous process of adding details and finishes. Every ring is hand-engraved to ensure the detailed relief in the jewelry’s emblematic artwork. This is a highly specialized craft perfected by the jeweler over a lifetime. Another precise form of engraving, chasing, is applied to each emblem to develop important details. Chasing is the actual chiseling of small cuts into the emblem for highlighting. The passing of the tool over the metal is referred to as a flash. Chasing helps he ring to catch the light at different angles. This enhances the depth in designs – adding life to the overall final piece. The jeweler uses three different tools to apply approximately 30 “flashes” to each 32nd degree Double Eagle Emblem. For many years, enamel finishes have been used to accent prominent masonic emblems in jewelry. This jewelry uses a hand-applied, oven baked enameling process to ensure a lustrous and durable finish. This intensive enameling process is true to the origins of the craft. Your emblematic jewelry symbolizes personal contribution and commitment to the Freemasons. We respect your accomplishments and honor them with the highest standards in quality.
Manufactured to order in the U.S.A.
12×10 Created Blue Spinel Masonic Stone
10k Yellow Gold with nugget high polish finish
Plumb Bob / Trowel Side Emblems
Shipped within 10 working days in presentation gift box

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